Begin Again Horse Rescue

Begin Again Horse Rescue is a busy rescue in New York state that is run solely by volunteers.  The website they had been using was built on a complicated CMS which wasn't working well for them - page elements weren't showing completely, there were a number of security issues, and the site didn't display on mobile.  Since they update site content weekly, they needed something that was more straightforward to manage in-house.  Consequently, we built the entire site from scratch on a new CMS.  We spent a lot of time standardizing site layout and reorganizing the site contents so that the final product was more accessible to both users and staff.  The new site is representative of the important work the rescue does while being easy to manage internally.  

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SP Dressage

SP Dressage has been in business for many years, but with a recent move to Pennsylvania, they were ready for a rebranding. We worked to incorporate their preferred design elements into a responsive page that showcases their unique offerings.  The final product is an elegant website featuring their staff, training philosophies, fees, and current clients that is easy to update as the business grows. Dark Horse Design Studios will continue to manage the SP Dressage site on an ongoing basis.

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Tel: (800) 404-6454

1390 Columbia Ave #133

Lancaster, PA 17603